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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rock Creek, Tom's Place, CA, USA - Oct. 16-?, 2011

As if we didn't have enough to thank Dave & Lisa for after that wonderful going-away meal, they also told us about Rock Creek!  

We have been here for 3 days so far (French Campground, NFS) and have no idea when we will leave.  I took some awesome pictures up at Heart Lake yesterday, and two movies (with a small Nikon, not the Bloggie) which were, undoubtedly, going to be the best yet.  However, when time came to leave, I could not find the camera.

Alan and I had heard something fall into the creek while we were fishing and thought nothing of it.  But once missing the camera, we thought, "Ugg, it must have been the camera that fell into the creek!"  So Alan lays down and bends over the edge of the creek, digging his hands through the rocks and mud to no avail.  I am frantic as I know the beauty hiding in that video card (including a film of Rosco fishing!), so I take off my boots and wade into the knee-high, freezing creek.  I dig around, disturb some egg-laying Brookies, but all I gain are 10 blue toes.  It was after 3, so we had to start heading home.  I begrudgingly walked away.

But . . . walking out on the trail, I thought, "What if River took the camera?"  This might sound odd to you folks who haven't met her (or had your electronic device eaten by her), but she loves to take small electronics and make them a chew toy.  I bet she took the camera off into the woods!

We are going to hike back up there again in a couple of days -- great fishing and I need to get more pictures.  You can bet I'll be walking through the woods where we were fishing.   Stay tuned:  The pictures will be well worth waiting for, I promise!

Now we have to run by site #86 and try to scare them off:  They have a full hook-up site in a National Forest Campground!