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Monday, October 17, 2011

Musings - In General

Give the people what they want!  That has always been an entertainer’s mantra (some did this better than others) but it is what is leading me to start a section of postings labeled, “Musings.”  People (maybe not you, dear reader) want to know more about what this life is like.  So here’s where we’ll place all those odd things that come to mind about life on the road 24/7 (like where are we going to buy that hoity-toity dog food?)

Today I woke up, looked out the front of Salt, saw a brown box and immediately thought, “Oh, UPS brought us something!”  That’s how at home I feel.  (Never mind that my own mother doesn’t know where I am on any given day.)  Sure, there are a few experiences that get old (yes, already) like shopping in unfamiliar grocery stores and banging your elbows as you get out of the shower, but mostly this life is incredibly enjoyable.

We came prepared with lots of intellectual goals:   Botanical painting, learning more French, learning Spanish, studying geography and botany, but haven’t had the time to do one of those items yet.  (The Musing postings will undoubtedly be filled with what we are learning!)   Alan was musing last night at where our time goes.  Well, right now it is going to hiking and fishing with occasional SAP work.  Someday (really soon, I fear), it will be cold, rainy and/or snowy where we are and those two out of three of those options will be off the table.  I think we have plenty of indoor time coming.  (In the meantime, I have removed my “French” study hour from my calendar so the appointment reminder doesn’t startle the fish.)

Finally, in answer to Bryan K's question of "why in the name of god would you leave that house in Laguna with that view?!?!", all I can say is, as delightful as that view is, it never changes.  Both travelers at heart, we embrace change and love a good challenge.  We are learning more about each other (and our limits) every day--that sounds like a good Musing topic--look for that one and others coming soon to our "postings by label" section on the left.