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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Musings – On Who to Bring Along

If you chose to do this with a companion, the first requirement is that you ________ each other very much.  Do you think this blank should be filled with love?  No way:  It’s respect.  Love might get you a little something-something on a lazy afternoon, but it won’t make you, while backing up a trailer, turn the wheels to the left while your entire body is screaming, “No to the right!  To the right!” 

You need to respect your companion more than anything else as, living with them 24/7, you will hear and see them do things you just don’t understand.  If you respect them, instead of thinking, “What in the hell was that?”, you think, “There must be a good reason for that.”

Sure, we struggle with a few topics.  For example, I just can’t find a good reason for Alan’s idea of when laundry is dry enough to bring home.  Laugh if you must, but this almost caused our first Aventura fight:  We were packing up from an RV Park (running late) and he brought back the laundry, dumping one load on the bed with, “this one is dry” and another in the middle of the floor with, “this one is still wet.”  Really, what is the purpose of bringing back wet laundry?  I am still searching for the, “there must be a good reason for that.”  (He was concerned about checking out late.  I said I would pay a late fee, I am not driving down the road with a load of wet laundry on our floor!  I took the load back to the dryer.)  

Alas, another laundry load returned home yesterday, not completely dry.

As for [mostly] non-speaking companions, I vote for a four-legged one (or two.)  First of all, they make you get up out of bed every morning and go for a walk—well, truth be told, ours make Alan get up out of bed every morning and go for a walk.  Plus, they are always happy to see you, even when all you’ve done is move two feet into the bathroom and back.  

Ok, one foot into the bathroom and back.