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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seattle, WA, USA - Nov. 23-28, 2011

Having lived in Seattle for 12 years, I came to town with my favorites already in tow--no pun intended.  I am happy to report that the top two were visited.

I realize I have some readers who follow this like a travel log, so let me start by saying that November is not the month to visit Seattle.  Seattle is gorgeous when the sun is out and you are most likely to find those days in September (yes, not even August is a totally safe bet--plus August has most of the tourists in town.)  

True to form for this time of year, it rained almost constantly on our visit.  We had the pleasure of spending most of our time with friends and family so the weather wasn't much of a deterrent to our plans, however Rosco & River felt very short-changed at the short, leash-on walks.

Food in Seattle is as delicious as it is pricey but you cannot go wrong at Matt's in the Market.  Get a reservation for this iconic restaurant looking out at the Pike's Place Market sign and you will be surrounded by the best of Seattle.  Food and service continue to be sublime, and the dress code is very Seattle:  Anything goes, but your wait staff will likely be in jeans.

My indulgence for the weekend was not the Mace Pecan ice cream at Matt's but a 90-minute facial with Ollga at Filipi Salon in Belltown.  I discovered Ollga's talents years ago when she was at Yaroslava and she just keeps getting better.  My skin was in heaven after 90 minutes of expensive serums, masks and her (should be patented) facial massage.  Simply delightful.  Ollga's husband, Ginci does fantastic hair - you can read more about him here.

A new favorite find is the Issaquah/Preston Trail, part of the Mountains to Sound trail system.  A welcome benefit from having to stay so far from Seattle.  (We were unable to find any RV parks inside Seattle city limits for some reason, so we chose Issaquah over Kent or Lynnwood as we'd rather drive I-90 to/from Seattle than I-405 or I-5.)

Our RV Park, the Issaquah Village RV Park, is reviewed in detail on our Campgrounds page.