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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Redding, CA, USA - Nov. 15-16, 2011

A brief stop in Redding for an SAP demo before heading up to the Pacific Northwest.  

We had one night at the Fairfield Inn which was a good deal with their friendly staff, laundry facilities, free breakfast, welcoming dog policy and the ability to park Salt outside.  Our second night was at the Redding Premier RV Resort, selected because it advertised a new area with good Wifi.  The new area is nice with large cement pitches and lots of grass in-between, but the Wifi promise was not fulfilled.  

I was delighted to find a fantastic (and award-winning) walking trail along the Sacramento River of which we took advantage on a sunny afternoon.  There is a cafe near the Turtle Bay entrance serving hot and cold sandwiches and some of the best smelling fries we have ever had the mis-pleasure of sensing.  (Due to a recent weight gain, we are off the fries for awhile.)

We ate out only once at Janya Thai Kitchen, discovered and reviewed on Yelp.

The demo went well and I find myself without an appointment on my calendar for the first time since the Aventura began!  True freedom at last!

Off to the Oregon coast now, we have to skip Crater Lake due to an approaching snow storm.  So it will be hiking in the rainy sand dunes of Oregon instead.