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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reno, NV, USA – Nov. 1-8, 2011

A couple of our friends gave us “Lost In America” the hysterical movie about a couple who “drop out of civilization”, buy a motorhome and hit the road.  Their first stop is in Vegas where one of them loses their entire nest egg in one night.  So when we hit the Reno city line, we looked at each other and warned, “Protect the nest egg!”  And that's we did, only gambling $80 (losing it all, of course.)

Mostly we came to Reno because I needed an SAP demo spot (i.e., hotel with a good internet connection and free telephone service) and the Pepper needed some work (the airbag-  and brake pad- warning lights were on.  A double whammy:  As if to say, “Just so you know, if you try to stop and the brakes don’t work, the airbags won’t deploy either.”)  So we booked six nights at the GrandSierra RV Resort for Salt and planned on the demo night and day being at the HomewoodSuites (leaving Salt alone for two nights in the RV park—it is cold here and we wanted the electricity to keep her warm rather than using our propane.) 

Once here, though, I had a craving for any food of ethnic origin, I guess I had too much fresh trout in the weeks past!  So we set about satisfying that craving:  Our first night we ate at Thai Nakorn based on some Yelp reviews and it was fantastic!  They make a pumpkin curry that is out of this world:  The pumpkin slices are still firm and the curry is rich, creamy and spicy.  Delicious!  Watch out for their spice-star rating though, they are serious about their heat.  The three star “adventurous” rating almost set my mouth on fire.

Another night we tried for Italian – what a bust!  The most popular restaurant, La Vecchia, was closed for a few months so we tried what we thought was the second best, Zozo’s.   I sincerely hope this is not the second best Italian restaurant in Reno.  Yikes.  The main dishes were boring and dull, not even salted correctly let alone cooked with any more exotic herbs and spices.  (The garlic bread, however, is about the best I’ve ever had.)

So for our last night?  We might head back to Thai Nakorn, order twice the amount we want, and stock our freezer for a few days!

Our accommodations were great:  The Grand Sierra RV Park being, as most RV Parks are, just lines of giant RV’s parked close together.  But your “resort fee” ($10 on top of the $20/night for a full hook-up spot) added the ability to use the gym in the adjacent Grand Sierra Resort so that was a treat.  And I just can’t say enough great things about the Homewood Suites.  I know it is strange coming from someone who’s last stay was at the Westin Monache, but this Hilton chain knows what it is doing!  Free breakfast, free dinner (Monday through Thursday), free WIFI, rooms with separate living areas and fully stocked kitchens.  We walked into our suite and found complimentary bottled water and a package of Milano cookies—what’s not to love?  All (in Reno anyway) for $135/night.  Unbelievable.  Plus the staff here at the Reno location was superb, clearly enjoying their jobs and making you feel right at home.

Tomorrow, November 9th, we are off to the Redding area and the Shasta/Trinity National Forest.  Can’t wait to get my boots back on!


P.S.:  A couple of other great finds in Reno:  The Launder Mutt, a full- and self-service grooming salon for dogs - great staff, wonderful self-service station; and Hidden Valley Park - tennis, dog park and hiking trails, what more could you ask for?  

Anticipating another meal at Thai Nakorn (this time I ordered the Hangover Noodle with Tofu and Alan ordered the Mango Curry with Chicken.)