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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dobriach, Austria Part 1 – Aug. 21-26, 2012

Busy season pictures here

Written upon arrival, August 21:  Despite being promised that the vacationers would be tailoring off, we are again surrounded by multitudes of people.  But this time we booked ahead and reserved the largest pitch they had; thankfully at the entrance to one of the campground's otherwise dead-end rows.  Rookie mistake:  We were so happy to be in a well-marked comfort pitch (water and drainage on-pitch although you share the drain) that we pulled in and parked Salt without any thought of having to hook her up and get out.  

Later, sitting outside enjoying our cocktails, we watched as the row across from us (and by “across from us” I mean, literally, six feet away) filled up (and up and up) and we slowly realized that not only might we never want to leave (mountains, lake, swimming, fishing, hiking, cool breeze, happy Austrians) but that we may never be able to leave.  As it stands right now, we cannot re-attach Salt and get her out of the pitch without asking someone else to move.  Hello Neighbor, nice to meet you, would you kindly hitch up your caravan and move it out of our way?  And we wonder where Europeans get the idea that Americans are pushy.

Update on August 26:  I have never been so happy to be woken up by the sound of a car!  This is the last Sunday of August and the people are flying out of the campground.  As I said to SP, we might get back to liking this way of living soon; perfect timing as we are about to celebrate one year full time in Salt. 

We continue to treat this stop like a vacation with lots of tennis, swimming and long, easy walks with the Noses around the lake.  The local Pretzel Bread has now replaced Pain au Raisin as my raison d'etre.

Austria was not on our original plan, but now we are glad it was thrown our way.  The people seem more outgoing and active than other Germanic countries we have encountered and our little spot in (the wonderful) Camping Brunner am See at the head of Millstatter See (Lake) is perfect:  The camp has its own beach, you can walk to groceries and a bakery, tennis is close at hand, two touristy towns within a short drive and a working town (my phrase for towns that work for the people with hardware stores, auto supplies, veterinarians, doctors, etc.) within a 30 minute, gorgeous drive around the lake.

With the people thinning out we may find ourselves here for quite some time.


PS:  The thinning out has included many pitches in our immediate vicinity so moving, should we ever want to, should no longer be an issue.