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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Musings – On Being the Odd Ones Out

It is only for the purposes of a good analogy that I would admit to reading People Magazine (at least I think it was People, maybe it was Us Magazine); particularly the section where they have a picture of a celebrity doing something innocuous (like buying groceries) and the caption reads, “They are just like us . . . they buy groceries!”

This is how I often feel as, curious, kind-hearted Europeans gaze in wonder first at Salt ( a rarely seen Airstream in Europe) then at our license plates, usually emitting an, “Ahhh Californeee!” response.  Then they watch us for signs of normalcy for which they have been richly rewarded:

1)      They hang their clothes on the line just like us!
2)      They walk their dogs just like us!
3)      They have cocktails just like us! And, when we are getting ready for bed and forgot to close the curtains;
4)      They brush their teeth just like us!

In all seriousness, one of the truly unexpected pleasures of the Aventura has been meeting people from around the world, and I doubt they’d approach us if it weren’t for Salt. 

Or maybe it’s The Noses.  Either way I am grateful.