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Monday, July 9, 2012

Landry, French Alps, Part 1 – July 3-8, 2012

More (incredible) pictures here!

Driving into Landry, it was hard to imagine what we could add to the gorgeous scenery and abundance of outdoor activities to make it a more perfect home; then Judy arrived proving that sometimes in life you can’t even dream big enough.

As if the day of Judy’s arrival wasn’t a grand enough occasion, it was also the day we caught our first fish in the river alongside the campground.  I landed the small trout after only three casts but unfortunately neither of us had any action after that. 

After picking Judy up at the train station and getting her checked into the small hotel in town, we headed up the Vallee des Glaciers for a long, narrow drive and a short hike to Refuge Les Mottets.  The hike was a perfect way for all three of us to get introduced to the area and the gorgeous scenery was the impetus we needed to get up and hiking again the next day.  Well, the scenery and the pain de raisin.  OK, the scenery, the pain de raisin and the rum and tonics.   (Thanks to Judy’s kindness, we are the proud owners of a non-horse-molested North Face Minibus 2 tent as well as three litres of Mt. Gay rum!)

Since Judy was still speaking to us after our first hike, we opted for a “moderate” trail for the following day.  Two miles to the Refuge La Coire where we stopped for lunch, and then (we thought) four miles back via a loop trail around the mountain.  We must have missed a turn on the trail as the outward loop turned into six miles and we didn’t come back down to the spot indicated on the trail map.  I am pretty sure between driving on the narrow roads and hiking much longer than anticipated, that Judy thought we were trying to kill her. 

It was a day filled with heart-pounding climbs, breath-taking scenery and the joy of a good friend.  After that incredible day, we rolled into Bourg St. Maurice for a late dinner of pizza and a delicious Bordeaux.

All to soon we were driving Judy to the train station for her long trip home.  It was odd to think of her going home, it felt so much like she should be living here.  Maybe that’s an indication of SP and me settling into this life.  I could so easily live in this spot of the world with its plethora of year-round activities surrounded by incredible mountain views. 

And, of course, the pain de raisin.