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Saturday, February 4, 2012

US2UK - The Time Has Come!

With apologies to our dear friends and relatives on the eastern seaboard, we are skipping out earlier than planned for Europe.  We aren't really sure what has provided the impetus to leave early, but now that we are working on it, something has become quite evident:  It is a good thing we didn't wait until May or June to attempt an arrival into London.  Hello?  Olympic year!

For those of you placing bets on when the Real Alan & Kit would show up in all this, you will be happy to hear they made multiple appearances while booking the logistics of getting from Houston to Heathrow and living without Salt & Pepper for close to six weeks.  

The Plan:  
February 13:  Drop off Salt & Pepper at the docks in Galveston, Texas, renting a Cadillac Escalade (hey, we needed something BIG) for our transportation.  
February 14:  Hopefully Kit is in line at the US Passport office in Houston getting a new passport issued.
February 17:  The Noses have their 10-day health certificates prepared in Ingleside.
February 18-25:  Who knows?  Free time - back to fishing?
February 26:  Everyone drives to Houston.
February 27:  The Noses are dropped at British Air World Cargo at noon; we check-in at 2:30; board the plane at 3:30; immediately change into our First pajamas; allow them to hand us champagne and settle into our little cocoons.  I don't think B.A. First will ever have looked so good.  (By the way, we used credit card points for the airline tickets -- we haven't gone completely off the deep end!)

We have arranged to stay in London for six nights (three to recover, three to Make A Plan) and selected the Presidential Apartments in Kensington.  Not only do they have fully furnished, gorgeous apartments, but they allow dogs and, get this, are located across the street from Barkston Park. 

Since Salt & Pepper will not arrive into South Hampton until March 24, we are planning on renting an RV and touring the UK and some of the islands while we wait. 

Now I am off to look, for the hundreth time, absolutely everywhere for my passport.