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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Musings – On Crossing the Pond

When we were preparing for this trip last summer, a friend of ours wrote on our Facebook page, “You are fortunate to have the time, money and courage to undertake such an adventure.”  Undoubtedly we are fortunate in the time and money category, but right now I am more thankful for the courage than anything else.

As exciting as it all is, there is a hint of terror as well.  Thinking about being so far from everything that is familiar sends a little stab of adrenalin right to my heart.  I am thankful that we warmed up with a few months in the U.S. first as we have adapted to being out of our comfort zone with experiences like always shopping in an unfamiliar grocery store (more frustrating than you might imagine), not knowing the perfect bakery for that monthly piece of double-chocolate cake and relying almost constantly on a GPS system.  Gone are the days when I would drive home from work, arriving in my driveway with little knowledge of having made the drive at all.

As wonderful as it has been to be staying in Clark’s condo for (double yikes!) two months, I miss the homey feel of Salt, she is small, but she is ours and after four months on the road, she is home.  Sadly, right now she and Pepper are sitting on the dock in Galveston awaiting their turn at loading onto the Chesapeake Highway 12 freighter.

In years past, we have traveled around various parts of Europe and it is all wonderful until about day 10 when you find yourself exhausted with trying to figure out a different language.  It will be interesting to see how we combat that as we (darn well better) make it more than ten days!