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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(More) Fishing Ingleside, TX, USA - Jan. 8, 2012

"You won't go hungry in Texas", Captain Joe said as he hauled six netted Mullet onto his dock; and we sure won't.  Between our newly acquired ability to actually catch rather than just fish and the Texan hospitality evinced when our neighbor introduced himself by bringing over two pounds of freshly killed wild boar loin, not only will we not go hungry, but we might get a little hefty while we are here.  (Don't forget it all started with Michelle's rum cake!)

Our host, Clark, was concerned that our lack of catching was going to give his bay a bad name.  So despite being on a cruise ship, he asked Captain Joe to  stop by and see if he might be of some assistance.

Captain Joe is one of those people who inspire you to live a healthy life as long as possible:  A former marathon runner (raced all over the world) he has taken up bicycle riding (to the tune of 30 miles at a pop) in order to help his 74 year old knees last longer.  He is also the local fishing expert (and gardening expert--I warned him that when we were done with the Aventura, we would be back to have him teach us how to farm) so when he stopped by with an offer to give us some pointers, we paid heed.

We headed off in the boat armed with Joe's instruction and our own learning experience with regard to large freighters (see previous posting.)  Both came in handy.

We headed to a part of Ingleside Cove that I call the "pretty area".  Any fish in their right mind would want to live there.  After about 20 minutes Alan landed a barely legal (14.5") Spotted Seatrout.  We plopped him in the bucket (see how much we are learning?  We brought a bucket this time!  No more smashing the fish into the live bait box) and kept on fishing.  

A storm was blowing in and it was getting quite rough so we decided to head back across the cove to an area that Captain Joe had mapped out for us, using his oar handle, in the dirt of our driveway.

As we were turning around, I noticed a large freighter coming right toward us.  We were quite sure we could outrun it and cross in front but we had to get a move on! So we put the pedal to the metal and headed across.  We did make it, although it was a bit close for my comfort (plus, with the choppy water Rosco and I got drenched again.)

In Joe's spot, just before we were going to call it a day, I landed a (also barely legal at 14") Flounder!  Again with the ugly looking fish, but this time I knew it was going to be tasty:  I had seen it many times on fish house menus.

Feeling quite proud of ourselves, we headed in for our celebratory sun-downers.  As we were passing by the marina, a dog ran out to bark at us and River, who we all know isn't the sharpest terrier on the boat, decided to chase him.  Right off the front of the boat.

Everyone was startled, including River as she plunged under the water and came up sputtering.  I was trying to stop the motor before she got sucked under the boat and (ahem) suggested to Alan that he jump over to rescue The Roo.    I'm sure being in thigh-high water helped with his quick decision and over he went gathering up the dripping 30 pounds and plopping her back into the boat.

And we thought life in a 19' Airstream was a challenge with two terriers!


P.S. Due to the aforementioned drenching of the Nikon D90, there are no pictures of our first edible fish.  But they will be in the Fishing movie, coming out soon!