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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ingleside on the Bay, TX - Dec. 31 - ?, 2012

One of the great pleasures about traveling across the U.S. before heading to Europe is that we get to meet up with friends around the country. (And one of the interesting parts of our former careers: They enabled us to connect with people well beyond the local office.) You know we headed here for Clark's birthday, but I am not sure I reported that they offered up their water-front condo for our use "as long as we want it". (Note those quotation marks, Clark and Michelle!)

It is delightful - not only the ability to spread out and stay still for a week but the sun is shining, the air is warming every day (low 70's today), there is a tennis court and a Lowe's in town. What more could you ask for?

As for our hosts, they took us on a great sailing trip on the first day of 2012 (what a way to start!), introduced us to their friends Bart, Christi, Deb and Mark (the latter two hosted us for dinner after the other four had left--have to love this Texas hospitality!), gave us a quick lesson on fishing in the bay then had to return to their lives in San Antonio. The worst thing I can say about the Haleys is just before driving away they had left half a (delicious) rum cake in the condo. You see what I am talking about.

So here we will rest for awhile. This stay might be a Trip Saver as you all know I was getting close to having enough of Salt. But being back in the sunshine, with the dogs tied up outside and all kinds of outdoor activities to entertain us, Salt's not looking too bad anymore.

Particularly when I view her from the sun deck of the condo.