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Monday, December 19, 2011

On The Road Update - Colorado, USA - Dec. 19, 2011

That's right folks, we're in a Porsche dealership!

We left Great Falls, MT with one focus:  Get Pepper to a Porsche dealer.  I didn't report ALL the issues we had coming down from Canada:  Not only was Salt frozen in some very unsightly places, but Pepper was having a system meltdown.  

The heater worked great for the passenger, but while it was on, it blew ice-cold air all over the driver.  The cigarette lighter (e.g., phone, computer, Simon charger) wouldn't charge so Simon quit working just south of the border, leaving us with just old-fashioned maps (difficult for our old-fashioned eyes!)

Our choices for a Porsche dealer were Salt Lake City, Utah or Fort Collins, Colorado.  We opted for Colorado as it ranks high in the Future Farmland listing.  So we hurried through Billings (Yellowstone River RV Park), Montana and Douglas, Wyoming (both RV Parks are on our listing) to a county park spot at Horsetooth Reservoir, just a few miles west of downtown Fort Collins.  We are so happy to be back in a campground and not in an RV Park!  (Full hook-up site with a view of the reservoir is only $20/night!)

I won't attempt to describe the beauty of the drive -- I thought Wyoming was fantastic until we hit Colorado.  There is so much beauty out here.  As soon as the Pepper gets fixed, we will be out taking some pictures.


P.S.  Pepper is getting a new battery and struts to keep the hatch open . . . to the tune of $1,200.  Still better pricing than in Orange County!