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Friday, December 23, 2011

Musings - On Snow Days

I have to say, I am quite proud of us:  We navigated our way between two snow storms in our drive south. Using all our resources, as we have learned to do, we mapped the weather and managed to slip out of Colorado and into Southern New Mexico after one storm but in time to hunker down for the next.

So here we sit in the Bottomless Lakes State Park (Roswell, NM), with snow falling down in large chucks, but not a lot of accumulation.  (Thankfully, it is hovering around 32 degrees down here!)  We attempted a walk in the almost horizontally-blowing snow, but succumbed to the warmth and Porter awaiting us back at Salt.

It has been nice being holed up for a bit.  Alan is finishing (and even starting and finishing) projects like exchanging all the bulbs for LED, creating a banana hanger, and, maybe most important of all, re-arranging the cords that hang down from the TV so Rosco has an easier time sleeping on the bed.

For me, I whipped up a batch of my Flax Seed Bread and while the yeast is hard at work, I am kicking back and reading a book.  

Miles driven:  0.  Cheers to snow days!


P.S.  Christmas Eve day will find us at the Laundromat and doing some final grocery shopping.  We have a turkey breast (only part of a turkey would fit in our oven), stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and fresh cranberry sauce coming.  Starting the day with cinnamon rolls!  (And a short prayer that the NBA games will be shown on one of the channels we receive [surprisingly well] with our antenna—must be the UFO museum in town helping out.)