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Monday, September 19, 2011

Morro Bay, CA, USA - Sept 16 & 17, 2011

On recommendation from our former neighbors (whom I have had the pleasure of meeting twice, but still cannot recall their names, I just call them Friends of Jim and Gary—sorry guys, I know you might be reading this!) we left our dispersed campsite in the Sequoia National Forest and headed down to Montana del Oro just outside of Morro Bay, CA.  (Highway 180 to 41 to 1.)

As promised, Montana del Oro was spread over the bluffs with some of the most beckoning hiking trails I have ever come across:  Out to the ocean dunes, up into the hills, along the high, rocky cliffs.  But sadly, the hikes all started with a No Dogs Allowed sign.   

Being tired after our long drive, we took a spot in the campground despite having no hiking options and went for a short walk.  When we returned, while pondering the amount of dirt and stickers the dogs were collecting tied up outside, I said to Alan, “Don’t be mad:  I want to leave.”  You see, I desperately wanted a shower and we were low on water.  I’d have to haul the six gallons from the pump house to Salt and that just made me sad.  The thought of full hook ups at the State Park were driving me crazy with desire.  So we hitched back up and headed to the State Park.

By this time it is close to 5:00 p.m.  We thought we would get there just in time for the sun downers and for Alan to watch me scurry off to the showers.  

We were unwelcomed at the State Park with the dreaded “Campground Full” sign at the entrance.  Having no choice, we drove up to the window anyway just to confirm.  (We have read a lot of personal antidotes that revealed the parks aren’t always as full as the signs indicate.)  We enquire.  They are indeed full.  But the nice ranger says, “But wait!  This is your lucky day – it is 5:05 p.m. and I can release the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) spots for sale to regular people.”   (I offered, “And Alan has a cane!” which was not appreciated by either human in my vicinity.  Alan later corrected me, “It is a walking stick.”)  Have I said how lucky we are?  Heavenly full hook ups, a nice long hot shower and a sun-downer.  And I have never been so happy to see asphalt—the dogs were laying off dirt!  All this was topped off with Alan cooking up some bacon to make BLT’s with those fantastic tomatoes from the farmer’s stand.

So . . . two nights at the Morro State Park and we were ready to hit the road.  The next stop turned out to be Santa Barbara for the afore-blogged “Our First Non-Emotional Breakdown.”

The next three weeks will be in and around Laguna due to Alan’s knee surgery.  Postings might be scarce, or even more one-sided than normal.  Hey, Alan will be drugged most of the time!


PS:  You think you have scaled down your life until you are walking away from your car and trailer with only your back-pack, truly homeless for the first time.