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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hanging in Orange County

Having returned for Alan's knee surgery, we'll be hanging around Orange County until October 1st.  Alan has a follow-up appointment on Thursday the 29th which, hopefully, will clear him to make my birthday dinner on Friday.  Ahem, I mean take off on our adventure for real on October 1st.

Alan is doing very well, all bandaged up with terriers laying all over him.  My thanks to Delores again for watching The Noses during the surgery (and for the delicious organic tomatoes, squash and oatmeal cookies!)  I don't think The Noses wanted to come back with us -- especially River who (apparently) ran around like mad, stretching her long legs out, inside and outside of Delores' lovely home.

I am enjoying lots of tennis and long dog walks.  We started at Doheny State Park which was crowded, dirty and noisy, but fit our budget at $35/night.  We have moved to Newport Dunes RV Park so we can have electric hook ups to amuse Alan with the T.V.  (With our solar, we can only watch about one hour of T.V. per day, which is usually one hour too much.  But the poor guy can hardly walk around right now.)

Newport Dunes is nice and quite a good deal at $55/night including hook-ups.  But beware of the weekends:  People come here to party.  There is a lovely bike/walking path the winds through the bay and marina and a large, clean, swimming pool which I hope to hit if we ever see some sunshine.

Thank you all for the well-wishes for Alan.  I am sure he'll be up and hiking again soon!