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Monday, December 31, 2012

Home for Now – Dec. 31, 2012

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side; a thought that edged into our minds as we sat in dog beds on the floor of our new rental home; driving day chips balanced on one knee and a Manhattan on the other.  We were in such a hurry to stop living in Salt we thought anything would be better—including an entirely empty rental home.  



Yes, after our cocktails, we ate off of plastic plates, standing at the kitchen island and then crawled into our sleeping bags for the night.  (The Noses could not have been happier with this sleeping arrangement, although Rosco does prefer a tent be included.)

Amazing the amount of comfort that Salt could pack into 19’. 

We did indeed make it from Florida to Colorado where we dropped Salt and all the way out to Laguna Beach, California and back to Evergreen, Colorado before Christmas.  (For those of you keeping track, this amount of driving, done in less than two weeks, almost surpasses what we drove during our nine-month tour of Europe.)  It was a lot of driving but well worth it as we were able to see friends and family along the way and coordinate the shipment of our meager belongings from our 10x15 storage shed. 

While in Laguna, we opted to stay at the Casa del Camino Hotel.  Although comfortable and with excellent service, it is loud and rambunctious late into the evenings, so I don’t recommend it if you are looking for a quite seaside escape.  It is, however, perfect if you enjoy the hustle (every pun intended) of the Laguna Beach scene.

Back in Evergreen, Colorado, we are slowing adding to the comforts of home as the snow softly falls outside.  We are enjoying a fire in the hearth and The Noses staring up at the plush comfort of our new (to us) sofas; having just arrived today, we’ll see how long we can keep the dogs off.   Personally, I was sprawled out reading a book on the one we placed in a sunny corner within 30 minutes of their arrival.

Can this really be the end?  I think there must be one more Musings in me somewhere . . . perhaps for 2013.


PS:  SP and I had a deal that the first one to get a job got to pick their in-home office.  I moved in yesterday, first day of work:  January 3, 2013.