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Monday, November 5, 2012

Paris - The First Week - Oct. 28-Nov 4, 2012

More Pictures Here!

Having dropped Salt & Pepper off a the docks in Zeebrugge, Belgium, we had nothing left to do but to settle contentedly into our Paris flat.  Much larger than anticipated, it is a joy to be able to walk through multiple rooms without touching anything (or anyone or any dog.)

The flat is situated on the Rue de Rennes, two blocks from the St. Sulpice Lions (and of course the church, but I much prefer the Lions) which we visit at least twice a day as it is the first available dirt for The Noses' constitutional runs.  People in Paris barely notice when your dog does his business on the sidewalk (as long as you have a bag) but we still make them walk the walk to the dirt.  Incidentally, the sidewalks remain quite clean due to the rain and the street cleaning machines; the machines have an expandable hose which is carried along the sidewalk, washing down the stones and sending the water to the gutter and the awaiting machine. Very nice.

We spent our time during the first week walking The Noses around the Seine, Tuilleries, Luxembourg Gardens, renting bikes to visit the Eiffel Tower and two important stores about 5 KM away:  Decathalon (yoga mats) and Animalis (dog crates and beds.)

For some reason (and I am afraid to ask why lest it ends) SP has taken on the cooking duties which leaves me plenty of time for more shopping and Nose walking.  The Noses aren't thrilled with Paris; being on-leash or locked in the bedroom while we are out alone, but at least they can roam freely through the flat when we are all lazing around.  And what a luxury that is:  To read a book on a sofa in a Paris flat!  A sofa!  Paris!

Can't promise that my next posting will be any more interesting . . . we have a bit of routine down and it is heavy on the exercise (tennis in Luxembourg Gardens, P90X, walking, biking) to combat the Pain aux Raisins and just enjoying the fact that we can move through a city at our leisure and without a vehicle.  And take hot showers.