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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bled, Slovenia – Sept. 12-17, 2012

With so much to love about this area of Slovenia, it seems odd to rank our pitch at the top of the list; such is the life in a 19’ Airstream.  

As I alluded to in my prior post, we were in heaven the minute we drove into Camping Sobec:  Gentle paved roads through the half empty, pine-forest campground led us to our pitch, #123.  We happily set up camp at the end of a road while gazing at the open fields around us.  This spot did not have the elements of a comfort pitch (specifically water and drainage) but it had its own luxury item:  Privacy; couple that with the ability to just open the door in the morning and let The Noses run, it was perfection.

Then we drove into Bled.

Wow.  We have seen some picturesque sites on our journey but Bled easily tops the list of picturesque towns.  To think that prior to talking to a Europcar rental agent in England, we had never even thought of visiting Slovenia just makes me realize how large and varied the earth is and how limited our ability to appreciate it.  

Due to the rainy weather, the tourist office recommended a hike into Vintgar Gorge for our first full day in the area.  It was as gorgeous as promised but I imagine it would be breathtaking with some direct sun to light up the aqua river.  We continued up to the Plateau area hoping it would contain wide open vistas over to the Alps but the area was also tree-filled (and, having gained in elevation, very cold – 6/42!)  We dropped down the other side of the plateau to Lake Bohinj which is more rustic and natural than Bled but not nearly as picturesque. 

Our most memorable day was when SP rented a bike and I walked The Noses from the campground, meeting up in Bled for lunch.  A delightful day!  Sadly followed by a night in which SP became violently ill (we think from some bad water) and all of a sudden we were back to wishing for the luxuries of water and drainage over privacy.

Actually, we were wishing for all three.