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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sitges, Spain - May 6-8, 2012

More pictures!

Many people have warned us of Sitges' charms:  Coved beaches snuggled along the shore, a quaint little town with many narrow, pedestrian-only streets and the warmth of the Mediterranean.  But they didn't warn us of the crowds--and this is off season!

So just a few notes on Sitges:

1)  If you want to start a business, open up a high quality caravan park in Sitges--there is none to be found.  Two campgrounds, each with two stars and neither very attractive.  Although ours, El Garrofer, has 10 or so full hook-up sites making it livable as visiting the shower block was out of the question. 

2)  Sitges, even in the off season, is crowded on the weekends.  Plus, it doesn't take a lot of people to make the narrow streets feel tiny.  

3)  The town embraces everyone; if enjoying diversity is not on your agenda then you  might want to try another spot.  (We, of course, loved it.)

All in all it was a nice stop but I am anxious to get to the Pyrenees and into my hiking boots.  Not to mention all the campgrounds we have read about note, "exc. fishing."  We are headed up today!