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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Luz, Portugal – Update May 5, 2012

This might be our first week in one spot since we set out eight months ago (if you don’t count the two months we thoroughly enjoyed outside of Salt in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas.)  We did stay a week in French Camp back in California, but we changed pitches half way through, so I am not sure that counts.  None the less, we have snuggled into our sunny pitch here outside of Luz and have accomplished some major goals:

1)   I survived my first wave of home-sickness.  (I think it’s all the beaches, but if I see stunning 40-somethings playing tennis I might have a relapse.)

2)   I paid over $600 for (what should have been free) warranty repair on my Sony Vaio (shipping from UK to US, $150, Shipping from US to Portugal, $150, customs duties [I know, I know, not fair but they just wouldn’t listen to reason], $300, not investigating alternatives:   Priceless.)

3)   The Noses are washed and brushed with nails clipped.

4)    One giant laundry load has dried on the line despite the thunderstorms.

5)   We have received, and SP has installed, our replacement window for Salt; I will miss the plexiglass one, it was such a good reminder of how handy SP is.

6)   I baked my first international loaf of bread and, I have to say, I haven’t had bread with such a great texture since we last indulged at Brussels Bistro in Laguna (this despite having traveled through France!)  Too bad I don’t write down what I put in each time . . . I can only hope to duplicate my efforts at some later date.

7)   Speaking of baking; SP baked a chocolate cake, complete with home-made frosting, just because I had a craving and he loves me very much.  Or maybe it was because he wanted to upstage his window installation.  Or maybe he wanted to upstage my bread.  For whatever reason, I am incredibly grateful and at least five pounds heavier.

8)   We have seen way too many Germans walking around in their underwear.

9)   We have only seen one, but it was plenty, giant German bra drying on the line.  (One of the Germans is posting right now, “We have seen six, and it was six too many, brightly colored Victoria Secret thongs drying on the line.”)

10) We have run on the beach with The Noses.

11) We tried another new fish, a Dora- something, cooked to perfection by SP.  (That’s what I’m talking about:  Handy!)

12)  We spent a morning helping to locate a lost French boy, our assistance being rewarded later in the evening when the reunited family presented us with a box of chocolates.  (The boy had been sent to take out the trash and, upon returning, entered the wrong bungalow [there are rental bungalows here, all of which look almost exactly alike.]  Not seeing his family, he went into a bedroom and set about playing his handheld Nintendo while he waited for them to return.  He was found by the actual bungalow occupants [who had been dining on their front patio and missed his entrance] but not until after the local police had been summoned.)  The chocolates, French milk with peanuts, were fantastic.

13)  And last but not least, we packed away our Extreme Cold Clothing!!!