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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update - A Family Reunited

Just a quick update - we drove off with Salt & Pepper today from the Southampton docks; a family reunited and incredibly happy to be so!

On the way out of town, we navigated to one last RV supply store in Southampton in hopes of finding the preferred regulator for our LP gas installation.  (There will be more specific posts on the metamorphosis of Salt in the coming days . . . stay tuned!  We're talking LP tanks that you can refill yourself a many local gas stations!)  We weren't able to locate the regulator, but made quite a few new friends in the parking lot.  We gave two interior tours of Salt and a family stopped and took pictures of each other in front of it.  Quite a delight! 

We headed north to Alton where we had previously met our saviours, Gold RV (can't recommend them highly enough--they specialize in fitting US rigs to UK systems but can do almost anything else.  Plus the owners and everyone there are about the friendliest people we have found outside of Scotland.)  They started and almost completed our LP tank installation in one afternoon.  

Gold was happy to let us leave Salt in their lot overnight so we unhitched Pepper (and didn't he love that after six weeks of being locked down to Salt!) ran him through a hand wash (despite the raining weather) and parked ourselves at the Alton House Hotel for the night.  

The LP installation will be done tomorrow but we are awaiting one more item for the transformation before we can leave the U.K.  Thankfully some good friends are flying into London next week so we'll have lots of enjoyment in our last week here!