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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cambridge II, UK - Mar. 5-7, 2012

More pictures here!

Quick Note:  I have added a section at the bottom of the post for "Practicalities"; items we have discovered or learned that might be useful for other people attempting to adapt U.S. RV'ing to European Caravanning.

Our second day in Cambridge yielded a huge rain storm but that didn't stop me from taking The Noses on a much deserved long walk, and mostly off leash too!  They had a great time racing around the woods playing hide and attack.  Unfortunately, Rosco lost his bright white city look in exchange for the muddy country look but picked up a wide smile in the exchange.

We all took the bus back into Cambridge in the afternoon and, as it was a torrential downpour when we hit town, we decided to stay right where we were (upper level of the bus) and cruise around the bus route until we (1) saw a home depot type store or (2) the rain stopped.

You see, the time had come to search out an RV supply store; Alan attempted to fill the fresh water tank by rolling over the giant tub of fresh water only to find that the pump wasn't working.  

So we hopped off to check out B&Q which was just like the U.S.'s Home Depot, and Harlford's which is more like a sporting goods store.  No supplies to be found at the former and only a few at the latter.  Alas, not the pump for which we were searching.  But it was getting on in the day and we still needed groceries and dog food so we hopped back on the bus and headed to Cambridge.

A quick stop downtown yielded a SIM card for Alan (utilizing the strategy we developed in the U.S., he purchased service on a different provider than mine so as to maximize coverage), groceries from Mark & Spencers (just like Trader Joe's in the U.S. and equally as frustrating a place to shop if you are a cook and not just a re-heater) and some fresh trout from the market.  Still no dog food.  Looked like The Noses would have to eat the cheap stuff again--which they love, of course (think Lucky Charms and you'll get a picture of this food.)

We are on to King's Lynn near the Norfolk Coast.  Tomorrow will be a nice long hike on our first National Trail System route, right along the coastline.


PS:  For those of you worried about the dog's diet, I found a real live pet store and we'll stop there on our way to King's Lynn.  As long as it can be seen from the A10.  Just kidding.  A little.


1)  Black waste:  Largely dealt with via a cartridge system (you pull out the cartridge when it is full and clean it at the "Chemical Toilet Cleaning Station".)  As they would say in Twitter #gross.  Cannot wait for Salt!

2)  Most RV parks pride themselves on their "Shower & Toilet Block" and now I see why.  Thank goodness Cherry Hinton did not disappoint.  (A reminder that our stops in campgrounds will be reviewed in more detail on the Campgrounds tab at the top of the blog.)

3)  Ice cube bags!  There is a picture of one of them in the photographs--simply fill with water, turn it over so the self-closing system starts, freeze it and then bang it around.  Voila!  Ice cubes.  #fantastic.