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Monday, August 22, 2011

Packing Up

Finally, the time has come to start packing.  Three days to pack up our beloved belongings and get them moved to the storage unit.  People wonder if Alan and I can live in Salt for more than three months -- I say, if we can make it through the next three days, Salt will be a breeze!

After learning about "Storage Wars" from my parents (related as a fun t.v. show to watch) and again from the clerk at Public Storage Lake Forest (related as a warning), I have taken to creative naming for my boxes.  I want people to be intrigued if they have to see my boxes before I do.  A couple favorites:  "Puff, Guest Hand, Misc. Blankets" which holds my favorite down-quilted comforter and my guest hand towels; and "Caffeine" which holds the coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee grinder and the all important steamer.

Upon returning in a year (or two) will I find these labels enjoyable or frustrating?  Actually, my biggest fear is that I'll come back, open boxes and think, "I paid $200 a month to store THIS?"


PS:  We've increased our leave date by one day - check out the calendar!