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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How it all started . . .

Alan and I were sitting in a cafe in Madrid, the fall of 2009, when we came up with the idea to live for one month in all the major cities of Europe.  But as we discussed it further, a couple of issues popped up, mainly:  (1) Transportation, we like to hike and enjoy the mountains, so renting a place in the middle of Madrid with no car (and two dogs) would make that difficult; and, (2) Moving our stuff--thinking about packing up and moving every four weeks made me sick to my stomach (I do not deal well with packing and having stuff out of place.)

So we came back from vacation that year with the idea of traveling around Europe buzzing in our heads.  But no clear path to that goal.  The following March (2010) we were enjoying two Bohemia darks on the beach south of Playa del Carmen (south of Cancun) when we had the idea of driving an RV around Europe.  It solved the moving issue for me (no packing and the space is so small everything had to remain in it's place.) 

We returned home and began looking at RV's.

A few months later, my brother Chris suggested that we tow a trailer rather than driving (what we learned were called) a Class B motor-home.  This ensemble would give us the freedom to drop the "house" and hit the trail-heads.   The idea also had the benefit of us being able to drive the Pepper which we adore.

So began the long journey of looking at and learning about trailers.  This deserves another posting by itself . . . suffice it to say it took over six months and we had various discussions, not the least of which began with me saying, "There is no way we are ever going to buy an Airstream--they are so ugly."  I had never been inside one . . .