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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chickens: Still Laughing After All These Months

Lest you think my adoration of Pirate has taken away my love of The Ladies, I offer you this movie; a look at The Ladies during a Dirt Bath Spa.

Now, if the dirt bath didn't make you laugh enough read on!  During cocktail hour the other night we were sipping our gins on the deck with The Ladies free-ranging around the front yard.  As is usual, they quietly came up close to us but then we heard the sounds of, well, old hens clucking.  

We turned in our seats to see all four of them standing in a semi-circle, staring at the ground and clucking, clearly communicating the following:

"I'm not going to eat it, you eat it"
"I'm not putting my beak near that thing!"
"Doesn't look like any worm I've ever seen."
"I don't know what it is, but we can't go past it and no one wants to eat it, so what are we going to do?"
"I know, let's get The Humans involved!"

Sure enough we stood up and walked over to find The Ladies staring intently at a baby snake (about the size of my pinky) who was lunging up at their intent faces.

Alan said he would take care of it; The Ladies quickly dispersed.