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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chicks Weeks 3 & 4: A Taste of Independence

As us aging folks know, the older you get the faster at which time flies.  I would not have recognized the passing of the last two weeks except for the fact that the chicks have gained another third in size.  It was an eventful time as the humans moved to their new home and the chicks had their own independence day.

Having successfully moved four chickens and two terriers a mere five miles from our rental house to The Cabin, we immediately set about building the chicken Tractor and Coop.  The Tractor is a light-weight moveable enclosure that will allow the chicks to be outside (only on very warm days to start); which we can move from spot to spot around the yard.  Protected on all sides, they are safe from hawks but maybe not a Fox Terrier so we have yet to let everyone into the yard at the same time.

We built the Tractor out of PVC pipe and landscape netting, using twist ties to attach the netting to the pipe.  It is tall enough to allow us easy access, a good idea as the chicks were nervous about their first time in the fresh air and sunshine and spent a lot of time flying onto Alan for protection. 

Ever the eager (and bossy) one, Buffy was the first to peck around on the ground but poor Goldie, as the pictures indicate, was very hesitant to leave the safety of Alan’s arm.  It was a delightfully warm and sunny day one that will forever be known at the Cabin as Chicken Independence Day.  (It was, in fact, the Fourth of July.)

As is usual in Colorado, around 2:00 p.m. the thunder and rain started to roll in so we packed the girls into their moving box and placed them back inside their freshly cleaned out brooder.  They immediately set to an eating frenzy (all that stress of being outside!) and then snuggled on top of each other in the corner for a good long nap.

Now on to building the Coop!